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Japan’s Submission of IP (Intellectual Property) in the RCEP

"Protecting the Intellectual Property and Privatization Interests
of Big Ag Biotech Companies Like Monsanto, Cargill and Nestlé ..."

by Arnie Saiki
Los Angeles, California

An Interview with Kate Fletcher

The Lives of the Users of Clothes
"What the future looks like"
Santiago, Chile

Andean Culture, Fashion and Sustainability

by Kate Fletcher
Isluga, Colchane, and Santiago, Chile
and London, United Kingdom

Sustainability and Exclusion

by Nic Paget-Clarke
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Remembering Toni

Remembering and Honoring Toni Cade Bambara
by Alice Lovelace
Atlanta, Georgia

Rural Lives Matter:
Medicaid Expansion May Be Controversial
But It Will Save Rural Lives

... affordable health insurance and healthcare infrastructure
in rural communities

by Rhonda Perry
Columbia, Missouri

2014 End-of-Year Update

(PDF file)
Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Columbia, Missouri

Green Thumbs, Green Minds
In Oakland

"... the transformation that takes place in a garden"
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

Measure D
Berkeley vs Big Soda
Wins Historic Victory

by Bruce Akizuki
Berkeley, California

Urban Agriculture Gets Boost in Oakland
“It’s about empowerment and self-reliance,
communities growing their own food”

Victory for Urban Farms and Gardens
at the Oakland City Council

Two articles by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

UN-masking Climate Smart Agriculture
History presents itself first as tragedy,
and the second time as a farce

by La Via Campesina
New York, New York

We Move Tonight:
The Making of the Grenada Revolution

A Review
by Fadhilika Atiba-Weza
Brunswick, New York

Auturgy for Eudaimonia

... from privileged trenches ...
Melissa Faye

Hungry For Land:
Small Farmers Feed The World
With Less Than A Quarter Of All Farmland

Barcelona, Spain

Fast Track/Big Bad Trade Deal
Threatens Local Control, Family Farms

The TPP Agreement Would Elevate Multinational Corporations
To The Same Legal Status As Sovereign Nations

by Jim Compton
Buffalo, Missouri

The Status of Black Males:
At the Intersection of Risk, Resilience and Response

by Pedro Noguera
New York University, New York

An Interview with Dr. Eleanora (Norrie) Robbins

Mapping Connections:
How to Take Care of the Earth
La Mesa, California

20th Celebration: A Sober Reminder That Zapatismo

Is A Large Thorn In The Side Of Global And Local Capital
by Roberto Flores
Oventic, Chiapas, Mexico and Los Angeles, California

An Interview with Frank Partnoy

Deregulation, Derivatives, and Moral Hazard
San Diego, California

Crisis of Finance Capital: Behind and Beyond Derivatives

A Comment on the Interview with Frank Partnoy
"Deregulation, Derivatives, and Moral Hazard"
by Roberto Flores
Los Angeles, California

Responding to the Challenges Confronting Black and Latino Males:

The Role of Public Policy in Countering
the “Crisis” and Promoting Success

by Pedro Noguera
New York University, New York

2013 End-of-Year Update

(PDF file)
Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Columbia, Missouri

La nueva Ley de Semilla
y la matríz productiva agrícola
por Miguel Angel Núñez
Merida, Venezuela

Vandana Shiva

Entrevista en español (1998)
St. Louis, Missouri

Community Helps Community
Selling Fruits And Vegetables at the Sobreruedas
Interview with Four Members of
Women Occupy San Diego

San Diego, California

The Schools From Below

"A non-institutional education,
where the community is the educating subject"

by Raul Zibechi
Caracol Morelia, Chiapas, Mexico
Translated by Joe Parker and Vilma Villela

To Confront the Climate Emergency
We Need to Dismantle the WTO and the Free Trade Regime

"There is no more time for half-measures."
This Analysis Signed by the Organizations
From Around the World Listed

Children First and It’s Impact on Latino Students in New York City

By Luz Yadira Herrera, CUNY Graduate Center
Pedro A. Noguera, New York University
New York, New York

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Do We Want to Create This Monster?
by Christina Imhoof, Vera Moldt, Eleanora Robbins, and Kristen Smith
Position Paper by Women Occupy San Diego
San Diego, California

Re-defining Masculinity

by Pedro Noguera
New York, New York

The Jakarta Call

"We are building new relationships between human beings
and nature based on solidarity, cooperation and complementarity."

by La Vía Campesina
Jakarta, Indonesia

El ecosocialismo: retos, rutas y reflexiones
por Miguel Angel Núñez
Barinas, Venezuela

Claiming Space: Involve the Alternative

Interview with Four of the Organizers of
Sobreruedas en el Barrio: A Neighborhood Market

San Diego, California

Enough Of These Crises!

From the Growing Discussion About Food
by Nic Paget-Clarke
San Diego, California

Marching Against Monsanto
and the Corporate Oligarchy

by James Bartoli
San Diego, California

Stop the CAFO/Monsanto Protection Bill
Local Control & the Future of Missouri Farming and Food
is at Stake / Call Your Senator TODAY!!!

Vote NO on HJR 7&11 and SJR 22
by Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Columbia, Missouri

Egypt: Uprising And Analysis
Two Years Later. February 2013

Interview with Dr. Ann Lesch
by Ja A. Jahannes
Cairo, Egypt and Savannah, Georgia

What Is The Growing Discussion About Food?

by James Bartoli
San Diego, California

“An Unfailing Legacy”

Why I Edited The Book
by Ja A. Jahannes, PhD
Savannah, Georgia

What Is A People’s Assembly?

by Carlos Huerta
San Ysidro, California

Lincoln, the Movie

by William Loren Katz

New York, New York

The Pivot And The Island Rows

"... competing to lead the regional trade liberalization agenda."
by Arnie Saiki
Los Angeles, California

Our Position --
On Livestock, Rural Communities & the Economy
(Also available as a PDF version)
by Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Columbia, Missouri