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Change Is Coming:
What Is the Role of the Arts?

Submissions Welcome

Atlanta, Georgia

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as we face a crumbling economy and are challenged by deepening race and class struggles from the Black Lives Matter protest to the struggle for unemployment benefits for the millions who now face eviction,  Alice Lovelace, co-editor of the Art Changes section of In Motion Magazine, sent out a call to artists asking them for their thoughts.  "Change is coming -- what is the role of the arts?"
She asked for essays from any perspective to help open some deeper conversations, looking for voice from youth to elder, emerging artist to professional, all disciplines, all genres.  The quest goes beyond the now, through November 3, and beyond.  Our nation has set in motion a cycle that is forcing everyone to put their card on the table.
The hardest hit industry is Arts & Entertainment -- and the diagnosis is a long slow recovery.  Some industry estimates show 40% of arts programs from museums, to theatre companies, to movie makers will not survive.  This makes life especially difficult for the individual artist, the backbone of the industry. There are many fronts in this pandemic that touch on every aspect of our personal and social lives.
What do you see for our collective future and role in society?

We Welcome Submissions

The first four submissions are from a mother and daughter who run two dance schools; an independent writer and public health scientist; and a young woman making her living acting on stage and film.

Here are their essays.

Published in In Motion Magazine September 29, 2020