Niche Market Advertising in
In Motion Magazine:

Our advertising policy is to create a niche where socially-conscious advertisers can come to reach their most-likely receptive audience.
Banner ads are available on:
Ad size and format:
  • Ad size -- 468 x 60 pixels
  • File format -- JPEG or GIF
Ad design:
  • Either provide your own ad ready to upload or we can design your ad starting at $30
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Disclaimers and assumptions:
  • In Motion Magazine reserves the right to reject, edit, or cancel any advertisement at any time
  • In Motion Magazine assumes that in all ads submitted for publication all claims can be substantiated and all consents have been obtained
  • In Motion Magazine is not responsible for any claims or damages associated with advertiser's assertions, actions, or products
  • In Motion Magazine advertising rates subject to change at any time