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Links Around the World

Daily Links

  • OccupyStream - All Occupy Wall Street Streams and IRC - Live Revolution

  • Democracy Now! - Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. For true democracy to work, people need easy access to independent, diverse sources of news and information.

  • Al Jazeera English - Live video.

  • La Jornada - La Jornada is one of Mexico City's leading daily newspapers. Check out the Opinión section for current thinking in Mexico, Latin America, the world.

  • MediaChannel - MediaChannel is concerned with the political, cultural and social impacts of the media, large and small. MediaChannel exists to provide information and diverse perspectives and inspire debate, collaboration, action and citizen engagement. In Motion Magazine is an affiliate.

  • Reporters Without Borders - "Don’t wait to be deprived of news to stand up and fight for it."

  • Today in History - What happened today in U.S. history from the Library of Congress.

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - Each day a different image or photograph of the universe, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer (from NASA).

Around the World

  • Action Without Borders is a global network of individuals and organizations sharing ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives.

  • Affirmative Action and Diversity Project - Includes an extensive list of affirmative action links.

  • African Diaspora Video DVD

  • African National Congress - Find out what is happening in South Africa. Includes extensive list of links around the world.

  • Alternate ROOTS - Alternate ROOTS is a 250-voice membership organization run by and for Southeastern performing artists who are creating original work in the region.

  • American Memory from the Library of Congress - Huge library of accessible historical photographs.

  • Arts for Global Development Network -- mission is to create opportunities for arts advocates and stakeholders of development to help find new and complementary ways together to improve communities all around the world.

  • Art on the Net - A non-profit , multimedia web site dedicated to the various disciplines of art.

  • Asian American Movement Ezine Website for Asian Pacific American revolutionary politics, news and culture.

  • Asian-Nation - The landscape of Asian America.

  • Back List, a publishing and literary newsletter of African-American interest.

  • The Black Commentator - An independent weekly internet magazine dedicated to the movement of economic justice, social justice and peace. Providing commentary, analysis and investigations on issues affecting African Americans and the African world.

  • - in English y en español - "a resourceful and analytical web site about systemic racism in Canada ... (to) draw local, national, and international attention in order to improve the situation of immigrants, especially of visible minorities, in this country"

  • - a leading site for social entrepreneurs

  • Climate Movement Australia - Web portal designed to help communities and individuals get active on climate change. It has forums, discussion boards, links and resources, a calendar of events and news pages that all users can access and contribute articles. The site allows individuals and groups to post photos and write their own blogs.

  • Committee Against Hog Factories / Comite contre les mega porcheries Canadian organization fighting the first of the Hog Factories in New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Corporate Watch is an online magazine and resource center designed to provide every day Internet users --activists, journalists, students, teachers and policy makers -- with an array of tools to investigate and analyze corporate activity.

  • Crosspoint Anti Racism - Based in the Netherlands, a huge collection of links in the field of of Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Refugees, Women's rights, Antifascism, Shoah, etc.

  • Curbstone Press is a non-profit publishing house dedicated to literature that reflects a commitment to social change, with an emphasis on writing from Latin America and Latino communities in the United States.

  • Delafield - The closing of a 125-year-old rural church in his hometown of Delafield, Minnesota prompts filmmaker Mark Brodin to return home to find out what's happening to America's farming communities.

  • DES Action USA - a national, non-profit consumer organization dedicated to informing the public about DES (diethylstilbestrol) and helping DES-exposed individuals.

  • El Kilombo Intergaláctico – "Dedicated to bringing together people from student, migrant, low-income, and people of color communities to tackle the challenges we face in Durham, North Carolina."

  • Equal Rights Advocates - public interest women's law center based in San Francisco, works for economical, social and politicaly equality for women and girls by litigating, educating and organizing. ERA's website has factual and legal information on different issues they work on, for example Affirmative Action and sexual harassment.

  • Families Against Rural Messes - An Illinois-based citizens group advocating stronger laws for the rapidly changing livestock industry.

  • Family Farm Defenders - Based in Madison, Wisconsin. Our mission is to create a farmer-controlled and consumer-oriented food and fiber system, based upon democratically controlled institutions that empower farmers to speak for and respect themselves in their quest for social and economic justice.

  • Films and Videos of Lourdes Portillo - complete filmography, selected bibliography, biography of director Lourdes Portillo's films and videos. Includes contact number for film rental.

  • Foundation for Self-Sufficiency (Central America) - The FSSCA is a non-profit founded in 1996 to be a partner in building social justice and peace in Central America.We do this by providing local people tools to build a sustainable future for themselves and their children.

  • Focus on the South - a program of development policy research, analysis and action. Focus engages in research, analysis, advocacy and grassroots capacity building on critical issues. It was founded in 1995 and is currently attached to the Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute (CUSRI) in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Food First – The purpose of the Institute for Food and Development Policy - Food First - is to eliminate the injustices that cause hunger.

  • Global Art Project is a biennial, international, non-profit event whose participants of all ages create and exchange artwork on the theme of global unity.

  • Global Issues - This web site looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related. The issues discussed range from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics, the environment, and much more.

  • Grassroots International -- Grassroots is an international development and human rights organization that works with social movements and progressive organizations to build a global movement for social justice.

  • is a part of the Hukilau Network, a family of community-based websites. The sites are designed to help grow an understanding of Hawai`i that can help set the stage for an active and informed dialogue about designing a sustainable future.

  • Indigenous Environmental Network -- A network of Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous Nations and communities towards sustainable livelihoods, demanding environmental justice and maintaining the Sacred Fire of our traditions.

  • Inner City Press / Community on the Move (ICP) is a non-profit community, consumers’ and civil rights organization headquartered in the South Bronx of New York City, engaged in cut-edge advocacy , reporting and organizing in the fields of community reinvestment, fair access to credit, insurance and telecommunications, environmental justice, and government and corporate accountability.

  • The Jazz Legacy of Jim Pepper: An American Original - Articles and links relating to jazz composer and musician Jim Pepper.

  • Kansas University Sexism & Racism Victims Coalition - Dedicated to serving the university community by peacefully seeking social justice in the workplace.

  • Land Research Action Network (LRAN) -- a network of researchers and social movements committed to the promotion and advancement of the fundamental rights of individuals and communities to land, and to equitable access to the resources necessary for life with human dignity

  • Land Stewardship Project - a private, nonprofit membership organization devoted to fostering an ethic of stewardship toward farmland.

  • LITTORAL - is a non-profit-making, arts trust which aims to develop new arts projects in response to issues about social, environmental, and cultural change. Littoral is part of an emerging international network of artists who, with other voluntary organisations and partners, are working in similar areas. The aim is to bring a wide range of creative and critical strategies to bear on the complexities of real life problems, and to combat the effects of social exclusion in urban and rural communities. (Based in England.)

  • A Complete List of Resources on Multicultural Education - a wide variety of multicultural links

  • Mundo Maya Online - Articles on the Maya (past and present) and their culture

  • National Association of African American Studies -- NAAAS -- Also links with National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies (NAHLS), National Association of Native American Studies (NANAS) and International Association of Asian Studies (IAAS)

  • National Issues Forums (NIF) is a nationwide network of educational and community organizations that deliberate about nation-wide issues.

  • National Family Farm Coalition -- unites and strengthens the voices and actions of its diverse grassroots members to demand viable livelihoods for family farmers, safe and healthy food for everyone, and economically and environmentally sound rural communities.

  • NativeWeb - NativeWeb is an international, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications including computer technology and the Internet to disseminate information from and about indigenous nations, peoples, and organizations around the world; to foster communication between native and non-native peoples; to conduct research involving indigenous peoples' usage of technology and the Internet; and to provide resources, mentoring, and services to facilitate indigenous peoples' use of this technology.

  • Navajo Uranium Radiation Victims - (photographs © Kerry Richardson)

  • New York Foundation for the Arts -- NYFA’s mission starts with individual artists in the visual, media, performing and literary arts.

  • NewsWatch - Online media criticism magazine designed specifically for news consumers. NewsWatch is a project of the Center for Media and Public Affairs. Since 1985, the nonpartisan and nonprofit CMPA has won critical acclaim for its analysis of news and entertainment media.

  • 1-42 is an online mag. dedicated to detailing careers, culture and community for 20somethings.

  • OneClimate - OneClimate is an initiative of OneWorld UK.

  • OneWorld Group - We pioneer internet and mobile phone applications, which the world's poorest people can use to improve their life opportunities, and which help people everywhere understand global problems - and do something about them.

  • Ovi Magazine - A multi-topic, daily magazine based in Finland composed of articles, columns, poems, stories and illustrations. 'Ovi' is a Finnish word meaning 'door' and was chosen because it symbolised the barriers and difficulties we must all overcome in life, especially when living in a foreign country.

  • Pacifica Radio - a listener supported community radio network of commercial free stations that server their local communities and beyond. Pacifica is KPFA in Berkeley, CA; KPFK in Los Angeles, CA; KPFT in Houston, TX; WBAI in New York, NY; WPFW in Washington DC; and over 100 affiliate stations.

  • People's Union for Civil Liberties -- Based in India.

  • People's Weekly World - working-class news and opinions since 1923

  • the Pinky Show - The Pinky Show is the original super lo-tech hand-drawn educational TV show. We focus on information & ideas that have been misrepresented, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion. Pinky presents and analyzes the material in an informal, easy-to-understand way, with helpful illustrations that she draws herself. Episodes are available on the internet for free at

  • Political - A search engine for politics and policy.

  • Project Appleseed - The National Campaign for Public School Improvement,

  • People Link Connections - an access provision service and New World Village which provides a simple, direct interface to about 300 of the top progressive sites. "Neighborhoods" include "Laborhood," Kids World," and sites on environmental issues, legal rights, women's issues, people of color and other "issue and movement" communities.

  • Radio Bilingue - a non-profit radio network with Latino control and leadership is the only national distributor of Spanish-language programming in public radio.

  • Rainbow/PUSH - the official site of Rev.Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coaltion

  • Real Change Homeless Newspaper - A great online newspaper out of Seattle.

  • Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - founded in 1973, is forty national Christian, Jewish, and other religious organizations that support a woman's right to choose.

  • San Diego Latino Film Festival - dedicated to the exhibition and promotion throughout the San Diego / Baja California border region of works by Latinos and/or about the Latino experience.

  • The SARD Initiative -- The SARD (Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development) Initiative is a multi-stakeholder umbrella framework designed to support the transition to people-centred sustainable agriculture and rural development and to strengthen participation in programme and policy development. The Initiative helps to achieve SARD by supporting pilot efforts and building the capacity of rural communities, disadvantaged groups and other stakeholders to improve access to resources (e.g. genetic, technological, land, water, markets and information), promote good practices for SARD, and foster fairer conditions of employment in agriculture. This initiative is a Civil Society-led, Government-supported and FAO/UN (Food and Agriculture Organization/United Nations)-facilitated initiative.

  • Save Our Rural Communities - No CAFOs! -- Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan (ECCSCM) developed this website to provide information on the pollution and the damage CAFOs have caused in our community and its watersheds, and to promote Sustainable Alternatives. As family farmers and neighbors, we believe agriculture must take responsibility for its actions in rural communities.

  • Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) - The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) is a freely available Internet service which aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. It is part of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN).

  • Soraida's Verdadism Website - Soraida Martinez is a Latina artist of Puerto Rican heritage who is known as the creator of Verdadism, a form of hard-edge abstraction in which paintings are juxtaposed with social commentaries against racism, sexism and order to promote a deeper understanding of the human soul and tolerance.

  • South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition - direct action/ grassroots organization supporting your local abortion provider. ProChoice, ProWoman, ProChild, ProFamily.

  • Student Environmental Action Coalition - "SEAC-- pronounced "seek," as in "seeking"-- is a grassroots coalition of student and youth environmental groups, working together to protect our planet and our future. Through this united effort, thousands of us have translated our concern into action by sharing resources, building coalitions, and challenging the limited mainstream definition of environmental issues."

  • Sustainable Table - a campaign by GRACE (Global Resource Action Center for the Environment) to help educate consumers on how to shop smarter, eat healthier and enjoy the abundance of fresh, nutritious meat and produce grown by local family farmers.

  • Torres-Tama, José - New Orleans performance artist, This web site offers information on Jose Torres Tama's performance work, tours, essays, residency activities, and public interventions.

  • Texas Cultural & Arts Network (TCAnet) - TCAnet is intended as a one-stop location whose purpose it is to shepherd the arts and cultural industry in Texas to doing business electronically.

  • The Therapeutic Milieu - Residential treatment community for mental health professionals working with at-risk youth and emotionally disturbed children.

  • The Tidepool: News for the Rain Forest Coast - Tidepool is a daily collection of new from and for the northwest rain forest coastal bioregion. By scanning national and regional online publications, Tidepool collects the day's most relevant news on ecology, economy and community and puts it all on one page to read five days a week by nine a.m. This free service is provided by Interrain Pacific.

  • Turn Left - The home of liberalism on the Web.

  • Union of Concerned Scientists is a nonprofit partnership of scientists and citizens combining rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development and effective citizen advocacy to achieve practical environmental solutions.

  • United States Student Association (USSA) - The primary focus of USSA is to organize around grassroots legislative issues as they pertain to expanding educational access. The USSA represents millions of students across the nation.

  • Variant -- ... the free arts and culture magazine. In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues. (based in Glasgow, Scotland)

  • Via Campesina -- an international movement which coordinates peasant organizations of small and middle-scale producers, agricultural workers, rural women, and indigenous communities from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe.

  • War Child - War Child's aims are: To alleviate the suffering of children by bringing material aid into war zones. To support those children who have been evacuated into refugee camps. To initiate rehabilitation programmes once children return safely to their homes. This includes identifying needs for capital reconstruction projects. To be instrumental in healing the psychological damage caused to children by their experiences of war.

  • Weiser Communications, Inc. -- Web Hosting, Site Development and Design. Photography by Barry Weiser.

  • Wervel ( English / Flemish / French ) wants to influence policy on all levels (from village to world) with a view to a durable agriculture, a healthy food and a livable countryside.

  • Why Hunger -- is a leader in building the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.

  • World Wide Arts Resources - extensive collection of arts resources

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