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Photo of the Week 248

"Comin 2 da Barrio. Culture 4 the Masses"

"Comin 2 da Barrio. Culture 4 the Masses." Mural artists Melo (center) and Nuk (right) with Roberto Moreno (left), great-grand nephew of Cantinflas (featured on the right in the mural, Charlie Chaplin on the left). Photo by Nic Paget-Clarke.

The mural was created May 17, 2002 on an outside wall of the Mazatlan Ballroom in El Sereno (Los Angeles) as a contribution to the first community get-together of the Eastside Cafe, attended by 400 people. The Eastside Cafe is a member of Union de Comunidades - a network dedicated to building community coalitions in the Eastside and building citywide multiethnic networks through education, art, culture and dialogue.

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Photo Archive of 505 photos: click here.