In Motion Magazine staff


Co-editors at the
Missouri Rural
Crisis Center:

Rhonda Perry and Roger Allison

  • The Missouri Rural Crisis Center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1985. It is a progressive, statewide membership organization that works to empower farmers and other rural people. The mission of MRCC is to preserve family farms, promote stewardship of the land and environmental integrity, and strive for economic and social justice by building unity and mutual understanding among diverse groups, both rural and urban.
  • In 2006, Roger Allison and Rhonda Perry were awarded the Family Farm Leadership Award by the Farmers' Legal Action Group
  • Email:
  • Address: Missouri Rural Crisis Center, 1108 Rangeline St., Columbia, MO 65201.
  • Phone: (573) 449-1336.
  • FAX: (573) 442-5716.

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