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Art Changes: From Where I Stand. This In Motion Magazine column is co-edited by poet, writer and educator Alice Lovelace.
Alice Lovelace.
Alice Lovelace.
In Art Changes: From Where I Stand you will find original works of all sorts of art as well as analysis, history and criticism. Art in this column will not be separate from the society in which it is created. We encourage your input: send email to

Featured Articles and Interviews
The Virgin Sister’s Song
by Mark Prudowsky
Asheville, North Carolina
Interview with Mandla Mentoor
The Soweto Mountain of Hope:
Making People Free
Using art as the anchor)
Soweto, South Africa
(Cross-reference from Global Eyes section)

In Celebration of Charles Jikki Riley
January 10, 1946 - March 24, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia

In Praise of Toni Cade Bambara by Alice Lovelace
Including audio and video Quicktime files
Memories of Shionoe
(20 Images)
Shionoe, Shikoku, Japan
Bruce Akizuki
The Tulsa Riot of 1921
Part 1 - Africans in Western Territory
Part 2 - The 1921 Riot to today
by Alice Lovelace
Atlanta. Georgia
Interview with Walter Chakela
Playwright, poet, and arts administrator at
the Windybrow Centre for the Arts

Johannesburg, South Africa
Interview with artist Jose Ramirez
-- Contemporary Latino life in Los Angeles --
Los Angeles, California
by Theresa Davis-Fowler
Atlanta, Georgia
My children have never known peace
A poem by Ja A. Jahannes
Savannah, Georgia
Images of No War
"This is what democracy looks like"
by Nic Paget-Clarke
San Diego, California
Zapatistas in Mexico City to promote the Indigenous Bill of Rights
A Photo Essay by Danny Turner-Lloveras
Mexico City, Mexico
Building Artistic Communities
Speech delivered to the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Conference
by Alice Lovelace
Atlanta, Georgia

Maverick Artist
Conversations with Theater Artist, Marty Pottenger
by Eloise de Leon
San Diego, California
Moments of Grace
by Aminata C. Baruti
Lexington, Kentucky

Story in Art and Mediation
Chapter 3 -
Stories of Tulsa
(Needs Assessment)
by Alice Lovelace
Atlanta, Georgia
Waiting to start work
(7 photographs)
by Nic Paget-Clarke
Johannesburg, South Africa
An interview with Nobuko Miyamoto
Performing Arts, Obon, Yoga and Martial Arts
Pennington Gap, Virginia
A client recovering from a 30-year battle with heroin -- (in English) (in Japanese)
Asami Hashirano
San Francisco, California
Inside the river of poetry
by Louis Reyes Rivera
New York, New York
First Writing Since
(Poem on Crisis of Terror)
by Suheir Hammad
New York, New York
An interview with Suzanne Lacy
Art and Advocacy
near Elkhorn City, Kentucky
Reflections (Photo collage)
(... on homeland security)
by Joanne Cosenza
San Francisco, California
An interview with performance artist Stephanie Juno
Whitesburg, Kentucky
Todos los muertos
A post-9/11 poem
by Abel Salas
Los Angeles, California

Quetzal Live (6 photographs)
by Nic Paget-Clarke
El Sereno, California
Creating Art in the Balkans
by Eloise de Leon
Part 1 - Creating Art in the Balkans
Part 2 - SKART
Part 3 - DAH Theater - Experimental Theater in ex-Yugoslavia
Part 4 - Reflections of an Albanian Theater Artist
An interview with Harrell Fletcher
Merging art, functionality and education
Whitesburg, Kentucky
An interview with John Malpede
A good survival strategy - Theater
Whitesburg, Kentucky

Interview with Danielle Burke: Videographer
"And listen to their grandma’s stories"
Evarts, Harlan County, Kentucky

An interview with Rodrigo Duarte Clark
Theater, Esperanza, and Mountaintops
near Kelly Fork, Kentucky

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