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"forever" by Alice Lovelace
praise for forever

"Alice Lovelace's poetry is filled with the wisdom of a woman who has seem some things, with the passion of a woman who feels deeply about what she sees and with the intent to expose, explore and express her unique visionary voice." -- Michael Simanga, author of In the Shadow of the Son.

"Alice Lovelace has become a poet whose work is as vital and vibrant and beautiful and essential as she is. In this latest work entitled forever, Alice is not afraid to face the joy of love and pain of loss and hold on to hope and celebrate the complexity of living, seeking joy with justice and the warm embrace. The brave reader who is not afraind of emotional truth is invited to join Alice on this wonderful journey to forever." -- Malkia M'Buzi Moore, poet.

"These poems, with their short sharp lines and evocative images still surprise me after multiple readings. There is a clarity of self and the world she inhabits that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. There are spirits and ghosts, illuminated memories that cannot be contained by this physical world and must bleed into the next. These poems stand as a memorial for the living and the dead; a road map for those who will come next." -- Collin Kelly, poet.

"Lush and love-laced, Alice's poems sparkle in their songified strut acrosss our soular system -- funkily traversing the celestial and the terrestrial. Family is on -- and hurt. Dream is on -- and nightmare. Beauty is on -- and death. Hymn is on -- and blues. Alice's brilliant word themes tease eyes, ears and tongues ready for her righteous dance." -- Eugene B. Redmond, Poet Laureate of East St. Louis, Illinois. Editor of Drumvoices Revue.

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