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Building Artistic Communities


by Alice Lovelace
Atlanta, Georgia

1. Neruda, Pablo; Fully Empowered, 1975; translated by Alistair Reid, pp.49-53, (originally published in 1962 in Spanish as Plenos poderes; Farrar, Straus, Giroux, USA.

2. Hammer, Kate from an unpublished manuscript commissioned when Hammer was Artistic Director at the No Neck Monster Theatre Company in Washington, DC.

3. Collingwood, Robin George; 1889-1943; author of the Principles of Art. British philosopher, historian, and archaeologist.

4. Lovelace, Alice; 1965; Lovelace calls this process a Groupspeak--an assembled poem. Pass It On was harvested during a four hour gathering of artists and administrators called together by the Mississippi Arts Council to participate in a Community Based Arts Training Retreat outside of Jackson, Mississippi.