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Photo of the Week 377

"Minero Crucificado" (1998-1999) by Bolivian sculptor Hans Hoffman, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Plaza, La Paz, Bolivia.
48-Hour "Fast for Peace". March 27 was the 4-year anniversary of the death of Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar, USMC Lance Corporal. "Two days to symbolize the two hours that it took before my son received medical aid as a U.S. Marine slowly bleeding to death after he stepped on a U.S.-made cluster bomb." -- Fernando Suarez del Solar. The fast took place in front of the federal building in San Diego. Along with Fernando Suarez del Solar, three others fasted: Jeeni Criscenzo, Janice Jordan, and Rio Mezta. Community members kept the fasting people company with songs and prayer (see more photos below). Photos by Nic Paget-Clarke.

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Photo Archive of 505 photos: click here.