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Photo of the Week 374

Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya  Photo by Alice Lovelace
Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo by Alice Lovelace. (Scroll down for two more photos). While attending the 2007 World Social Forum, Alice Lovelace writes, "The Korogocho slum (over 200,000 people) is 30 years old and came about when the government began to force people out of the cities and roadsides into this place which sits next to the ONLY trash and garbage dump in Nairobi (a city of 4 million people). People living in Korogocho once had good jobs, but once they lost their jobs they soon lost their housing and the slum is the only alternative. Many of the people living there work in the home of the wealthy in and around Nairobi, but still do not earn enough to leave. The vast majority of the slum residents (60%) are children. We visited several projects that youth living in the slum got together to start. Youth as young as 14-up would get together and try to study to encourage each other to stay focused on their education. They soon realized they could not succeed without others around them succeeding and that they needed to spread some hope among the children around them. They formed teams and started several community projects. These included several schools, athletic programs, a cultural center, and a radio station. We spoke to youth who were born in this slum who went on to graduate from university, and some who were currently in college. They all returned to help others."
Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya  Photos by Alice Lovelace

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Photo Archive of 505 photos: click here.