Licensing and sale of photographs
1. Photographs by Nic Paget-Clarke are available for licensed one-time use.
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2. Individual prints for personal use are available.

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  • 11" x 14" (approx. ratio) for $75
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  • Payment options:

1. Credit card in our secure online store
2. Purchase Order

  • Signed copies available on request
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3. The "In Unity" book of photos by Nic Paget-Clarke is available for $15.

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State and community leaders

Roger Allison - Exec Dir. Missouri Rural Crisis Center, farmer
Kofi Annan - Secretary-General of the United Nations
Jean-Bertrand Aristide - (former) President of Haiti
Ela Bhatt (2)- Founder of the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Cuauthemoc Cardenas - Mayor of Mexico City, pres. candidate
Cesar Chavez - past Pres. United Farm Workers
Hugo Chavez Frias - President of Venezuela
Jacques Chirac - President of France
Bill Christison (2) (3) (4) (5)- Pres. National Family Farm Coalition
Jane Goodall
Dolores Huerta
- Vice Pres. United Farm Workers
Rev. Jesse Jackson (2) (3) (4)- Founder and President of Rainbow/PUSH
Ethel Kennedy
Martin Khor - President of Third World Network
Nicolas Maduro - President of National Assembly of Venezuela
Amandla Mantoor - Director, Mountain of Hope, South Africa
Roberto Martinez - human rights leader
Thabo Mbeki - President of South Africa
Rhonda Perry - Project Dir. Missouri Rural Crisis Center, farmer
Cyril Ramaphosa - former Secr. South Africa ANC
Sergio Ramirez - former Vice Pres. Nicaragua, author
Silvia Rodriguez - Chair of the board of directors of Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).
Devinder Sharma - Award-winning journalist, writer, and researcher on food and trade policy
Vandana Shiva - 2002, 1998a, 1998b 1998c- author, physicist
Dr. Tewolde B. G. Egziabher - General Manager of the Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia, a leader of the Institute for Sustainable Development
Jayshree Vyas -
Managing Director of SEWA Bank.

Arts and Culture

Alurista - poet
Carlos Avila
- film director
Ray Bradbury
- science-fiction writer
John Carlos - athlete, author
Lumi Cavazos
- actress
Walter Chakela - Playwright, poet, theatrical director
Julie Dash - film director
Rosanna de Soto
- actress
Katherine Dunham - dancer
El Vez - musician, performance artist, songwriter
Brian Eno - musician, composer
Moctesuma Esparza - film producer
Evelina Fernandez - screenwriter, actor
Paz Alicia Garciadiego - screen-writer
Dizzy Gillespie - musician, composer
Danny Glover - actor
Martha Gonzalez - Quetzal
Chris Gonzalez-Clarke - musician - Los Otros
Lalo Guerrero
- "Father of Chicano Music"
Zaide Silvia Gutierrez - actress
Jon Jang - musician, composer
Spike Lee - film director
John Leguizamo - comedian, actor, director, producer
Alice Lovelace - poet, writer, teacher
Gregory Nava
- film director
James Newton - musician, composer
Edward James Olmos - actor, film director
Raul Pacheco - musican member of Ozomatli
Lourdes Portillo - film director
Quetzal - musical group
Jose Ramirez - artist
Arturo Ripstein
- film director
Paul Rodriguez - actor, comedian
Martin Sheen - actor
Piri Thomas
- writer
Luis Valdez - playwright
Patssi Valdez - artist, set designer, ex-ASCO
Francis Wong - musician, composer

Environments and scenes

agriculture - Canadian farm (Howe Island)
agriculture - cattle (Colorado)
agriculture - cattle (Missouri)
agriculture - cattle (Montana)
agriculture - cattle (New Zealand)
agriculture - cattle (Texas)
agriculture - commercial flowers
agriculture - dairy farm (New Zealand)
agriculture - grain fields (Montana)
agriculture - hogs (Missouri)
agriculture - open-pollenated corn
agriculture - sheep (New Zealand)
agriculture - soy beans (Missouri)
agriculture - spelt - ancient grain
misc. - rodeo scenes
misc. - US/Mexico border fences
planes - Stealth fighter US Air Force
scenery - Appalachia
scenery - ground blizzard (Colorado)
scenery - Joshua trees (Mojave Desert)
scenery - landscapes of Navajo Nation
scenery - mountain snow (Colorado)
scenery - Niagara Falls
ships - aircraft carrier USS Constellation
ships - dockside
ships - launching the USNS Sisler
ships - unloading
trains - engines
wild animals - antelopes (South Africa)
wild animals - baboons (South Africa)
wild animals - coyote (Mojave Desert)
wild animals - elephant (South Africa)
wild animals - gnu (South Africa)
wild animals - zebra (South Africa)
work - coal mine
work - dockworkers loading barges