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Zapatistas In Mexico City To Promote
The Indigenous Bill Of Rights

Photographs by Danny Turner-Lloveras
Mexico City, Mexico

The pictures in this photo essay were taken by Danny Turner-Lloveras on March 11, 2001 in the Zocalo of Mexico City. On that day, over 250,000 people gathered to celebrate the arrival from Xochimilco in the state of Mexico of the Zapatista (EZLN) Caravan. The Zapatistas were in Mexico City to promote the passage of the Indigenous Bill of Rights, also known as Los Acuerdos de San Andres, and to address Congress on the virtues of the Bill.

Danny Turner-Lloveras was in Mexico City as part of a U.S. caravan from Los Angeles sponsored by the Union de Comunidades. He went with others from MEChA de USC (University of Southern California). The Union de Comunidades sent twenty-two students and two community members.

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No.1 - marchendf No.2 - marcosgetinonbus
No.1 - marchendf
No.2 - marcosgetinonbus
No.3 - Street scene. No.4 -- manwithsign
No.3 - Street scene
No.4 -- manwithsign
No.5 - Chica en el Zocalo. No.6 - En el Zocalo.
No.5 - Chica en el Zocalo
No.6 - En el Zocalo
No.7 - womaninzocalo No.8 - viejita
No.7 - womaninzocalo
No.8 - viejita
No.9 - zocalostage No.10 - En el Zocalo.
No.9 - zocalostage
No.10 - En el Zocalo
No.11 - comandantesatzocalo No.12 - The media at Zocalo.
No.11 - comandantesatzocalo
No.12 - The media at Zocalo
No.13. Some members of the L.A. caravan.
No.13. Some members of the L.A. caravan

Published in In Motion Magazine May 27, 2001.