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Waiting to Start Work
(7 photographs)

by Nic Paget-Clarke
Johannesburg, South Africa

Waiting to start work.
These photos were taken August 29, 2002 in Ubuntu Village, one of the sites of the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. These six men were getting ready to start the day as food service workers. Click on images to see larger version.
Simon Kekae. Abe Modise.
Simon Kekae.
Abe Modise.
Isaac Thabe Neo. Franz Mdhluli.
Isaac Thabe Neo.
Franz Mdhluli.
Solly Kekae. Ephraim Phale.
Solly Kekae.
Ephraim Phale.

Published in In Motion Magazine December 10, 2002.