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Photo of the Week 294

Southern California locked-out UFCW workers picket.
Member of a picket team on the picket line to defend their families' healthcare benefits. Members of the UFCW (United Food & Commercial Workers) Local 135 picket team at Albertson's store # 6703 in San Diego spend Saturday afternoon on the picket line. At the time of this photo, the picket team is about to enter the sixth week of Albertsons' lockout of its workers. Overall, 70,000 Southern California workers are involved in a strike/lockout with Vons (Safeway), Albertsons, and Ralph's (Kroger) grocery supermarkets over the issue of the stores' proposal, as the union points out, to cut benefits by 50%, while giving new hires no real health protection at all. In an editorial titled "The Wal-Martization of America", The New York Times wrote (11/15/2003) "The 70,000 grocery workers on strike in Southern California are the front line in a battle to prevent middle-class service jobs from turning into poverty-level ones." To see a photo of more members of the picket team, click here. Photo by Nic Paget-Clarke.

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Photo Archive of 505 photos: click here.