"Searching for Expression"

Four Photographs
by Tiffany Eng

From the exhibition "In Search of Community"
San Francisco, California

The photography exhibition "In Search of Community" was held at the San Francisco Photo Center, from February 28 to March 31, 2004. Also see photographs by Angelica Cabande, Pauline Liang, Rebecca Peng, Judith Williams Sandoval, Ai Sugano, Pei Wu.

Photographs / Artist's Statement

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photo by Tiffany Eng photo by Tiffany Eng
photo by Tiffany Eng
photo by Tiffany Eng

Artist's Statement

There was, once, a brief period in time at the beginning of 2003 when anti-War marches would happen each month in San Francisco. These marches sought to publicly denounce the injustices occurring overseas as a result of a greedy and largely unintelligent US foreign policy, that has created devastating impacts not only the Middle East, but also in many other countries where US imperialism has taken away the livelihood of so many people. We hoped that we could, as a united force and voice, address the multitude of issues that the war in Iraq had come to encompass: the milking of foreign resources, American cultural and political ideological domination, chemical birth defects in Iraq, racism within the ranks of the US military, brutal colonialism in the Philippines and Vietnam, US troops stationed in Asia, the murder of Latin American farmers and laborers for the sake of US business interests, the funneling of money and resources away from local communities and into the military budget. The list goes on and on. We were different peoples of diverse histories, each person with a separate personal motivation for being present at those marches. At times, our beliefs were even at theoretical odds with each other. Yet the war has brought together disparate peoples in a way that has had a profound impact on the social-political climate today, and on people like me who continue to think of ways in which a united social movement could possibly occur in this day and age.

When I first started taking photos at local marches and rallies, my main awe and inspiration was the size and intensity of those marches. As time has gone on, my focus has switched from the looking at marches from a grand scale to seeing the individual faces and voices within the crowd. My goal with these very few pictures was to capture a glimpse into the many issues that had brought people out to one of the last anti-war marches in September of 2003.

-- Tiffany Eng

Published July 31, 2004.